Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Where I come from

In preparing for a POSSIBLE trip to Canada (I'm still waiting for my passport in the mail..), and a birthday coming up, I though I would introduce my parents to the blogisphere.
First, my mom. My mom is an amazing woman who just retired from UPS after working there 10 years. My mom may be good at the branding she did for UPS, but her true love is food. Seriously, folks, she is a total foodie to the max. She is trying to start a private dinner club in Atlanta soon that will feature harvest produce and explore french haute cuisine (I think...). She is an amazing listener to all of my bitching, and has been a supporter of my habit (aka art) since I can remember. Let's just say I got lucky. She is also taking a road trip up the east coast this summer. Check out her blog to see where she is.
And my dad. My dad is a wonderfully creative man. Him and my mom owned a graphic design firm for most of my life in NYC and Atlanta. My dad headed the ship with his ideas and patience for detail. Type is his thing, in graphic design speak. Recently, he decided that it was time to live his dream, and has become a full-time sculptor. That's where I get my weirdness (thanks, dad). Check out his latest creation.... I think it is roughly 3 feet high (maybe bigger..). Very cool!

And since we are on the subject of awesome family members, my sister is a writer (my parents will never retire) , whom I am constantly trying to copy in my blog writings. Her new website is: www.veroniquebergeron.wordpress.com
She also writes some hilarious pieces for Chattaratti.

Ok, sorry for the personal hoop-la blog, but you gotta give a shout out to your fam every once in a while.

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