Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Post (!)

So, I write a lot about serious art stuff. Zen, the art of balance. Who is painting what and why and when and the where's and hows.

So this is a post, maybe as a february blues-buster, dedicated to a few things that make me happy right now. Light, somewhat girlie at times.

This Video reminds me of people I love.

This Photo of La Durée Macarons. Mmmm.

Irving Penn's Still Lifes

Anything Issey Miyake always cheers me up:


gosh, um, I hate that I'm like this, but..... well, um.... it really DOES make me laugh.

yikes. I'm getting old. I actually typed "photos of baby animals" into Google images. I'm turning into THAT woman.

(insert roll of eyes here)

Please understand. ........this is how much I HATE february.

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  1. I am new here and new to your work. Speaking of Zen I am sure you have read Robert Henri's book The Art Spirit. I have read and reread, underlined and bookmarked and downloaded a kindle version to my phone. I wish I could memorize it but alas my memory has never been the best. Please keep up the blog, when I am not at work I will try to catch up on it. Thanks, Scott