Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Robin Williams

Above are just a few paintings by a young woman in New York named Robin Williams . I came across her work this past weekend, when the director of the Robert Lange Studio , Carri, showed me her website. I was kind of amazed by her work, in a way. I kept thinking about her bizarre imagery, and how it is so outside of the box that I seem to be within. That she has allowed herself to go there.

One very kind reader of this blog posted on her own blog (Thanks!) about my past writing on Jenny Saville versus Will Cotton. In some ways, I guess I kind of felt like Robin was a little in-between these two painters. There is something a bit poetic, a bit uncomfortable in her work, and I'm pretty drawn to it. I wouldn't paint this way myself, mind you, but I was also stricken with the idea of decoration and adornment in her work. This is something I have been wrestling with myself, and I like her usage of its triteness.

Carri said it really well on sunday "I like to be pushed".
Me too, Carri. Thanks for introducing me to this young painter!

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