Sunday, September 11, 2011

yin yangs and other over-used-but-wonderful ideas.

Ok, so I apologize for the last blog...I was in a silly mood.

A funny thing happened to me last week, and has continued to happen since. Last week was an up and down week. Between being on the road, going to a beautiful wedding, having my sis in town, and being sad for my dad going through family stuff, I found myself struggling with being in the moment. So I did three things; I went for multiple trail runs, I sought help from friends(and strangers) and I went for an acupuncture session.
The last is the event I want to talk about.
My acupuncturist Wayne is a pretty amazing guy. As he was putting needles in me, we were discussing yin and yang (I am fascinated with this). Apparently, Wayne says "yong" for yang, but whatever. Anyway, he was describing his way of massaging someone, and how there was a lot of yin and yang involved. On one hand, when he is massaging, he must be sure to care for himself. He must not hurt himself, must not strain, and needs to be intuitive of what HIS body needs to do the massage. On the flip side, he is also paying attention to what his patient needs, and how to listen to each persons physical reactions. So within himself, there is both yin (inward listening and storing), and yang(outward release). And if you think about it, a good patient is doing the same...allowing Wayne to care for them, while still listening to their own needs. Pretty cool little symbiosis going on....

So I kept thinking about this flow of needs (and booked a massage pronto) and how beautiful it seemed to me. To take care of yourself while taking care of others is one of the hardest balances to reach, it would seem.

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