Friday, June 29, 2012

Stephanie Pierce

I found this artist a few days ago  and was really moved by much of her work. Her artist statement is also one that I found  to be, for the most part, honest and deliberate. Please check out Stephanie Pierce's website here.

I guess what I am so drawn to, and in a way envious of, is the plainness of her subject matter, and how she brings it to life. She paints her bed over and over again. She plays with light effects, and one gets a sense of things ever so shifting throughout the process of the painting. I have this image of her chasing colors and shapes the entire time, allowing changes to happen at all points of her painting.

I guess I'm really interested in these ideas. I've been exploring the sense of namelessness in a painting, of openness and shifting. Sometimes, it seems to me, allowing for those shifts in the day-to-day is more real than trying to pin a subject down.
 I guess there's a life lesson in that as well.

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